woman silhouette in the in sun. text reads don't become a solar orphan, invest for the long run

Solar Orphans

Why Solahart continues to be a trusted brand in solar energy

As Australia’s pioneer of solar water heating and an active part of the local solar energy sector for over 65 years, we are concerned about recent reports of questionable and unlawful activities by some solar companies. These activities include high-pressure sales tactics, price inflation, and closing down to avoid paying debts and honouring warranties, leaving their customers without support.

According to the Sunny Side Up report from the Consumer Action Law Centre, since 2011, almost 700 solar energy companies have gone bust or are no longer trading, leaving about 650,000 customers without support or warranties – more than 30% of the 2,000,000 homeowners and businesses who have installed a solar power system.

woman silhouette in the in sun. text reads don't become a solar orphan, invest for the long run

Unfortunately, some of the unscrupulous solar energy providers that have gone bust have ‘phoenixed’ into new solar companies, just to avoid paying debts and honouring warranties; by changing their company name, the business is no longer liable for their existing installations, leaving customer systems stranded without support.

Without warranties or the backing of a solar company that is able to provide ongoing maintenance service or repairs, when the ‘orphaned’ solar systems on roofs across the country stop working, they will no longer produce a return on investment, nor reduce their owners’ future power bills. There may also be safety risks involved with just ignoring a solar power system; if the system is orphaned, then routine maintenance will be ignored which could result in a potentially unsafe solar installation. Solahart recommends regular servicing and maintenance to ensure your system functions at its peak performance and to keep your home safe.

The few companies that are practising unethical and unlawful tactics can give the industry a bad reputation.

At Solahart, we have become a trusted brand in solar energy over the past 65 years by creating innovative, high-quality systems, supplying accurate information and providing exceptional warranty and service support.

These are the minimum standards that we guarantee.

solahart dealer page, installation and assessment experts
solahart dealer page, installation and assessment experts
solahart dealer page, installation and assessment experts

Our Solahart savings estimator is conservative which means you are not given an inflated number that encourages you to buy our products. We believe it’s essential you receive current and correct information to make your own informed choices about solar energy products, so in addition to realistic estimated savings, we also provide information on current Solahart promotions, interest-free offers and any Government incentives that may be available.

Exciting recent innovations include the introduction of Solahart PowerStore – Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater. This world-leading smart technology developed, designed and built in Australia is designed to heat water using solar power that would otherwise be sent back to the grid – providing an affordable energy storage solution and helping reduce energy bills.

We have also recently launched our very own Solahart Silhouette panels, a stylish solar panel with advanced cell technology for higher yields, only available through Solahart.

This approach has seen Solahart set the standard for testing and evaluating solar systems in Australia and has earned us an unparalleled reputation for quality and efficiency.

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Solahart Solar-Ready water heater is a smart choice because it provides an immediate solution to your hot water needs right now and also gives you the flexibility to upgrade and save on your energy costs in the future.

Whether you need a simple solution to get back into hot water quickly, a solar water heater from day one, or the option to upgrade to energy-saving solar in the future, you’re in control.

And no matter which option you choose, enjoy the extra peace of mind with a 10-year cylinder warranty.


1: Solahart Warranty Details: 10/3/2 warranty; 10 year cylinder and collector supply, 3 year cylinder and collector labour, 2 year parts supply including labour; applies to a single family domestic dwelling only. All other applications have a 3/1/1/1 warranty; 3 year cylinder and collector supply, 1 year parts supply, 1 year labour.

2: Energy savings of up to 65% shown is based on Australian Government approved TRNSYS simulation modelling of a Solahart 302L and using a medium load in Zone 3 and apply when replacing an electric water heater. Any savings will vary depending upon your location, type of Solahart system installed, orientation and inclination of the solar collectors, type of water heater being replaced, hot water consumption and fuel tariff. Maximum financial savings off your hot water bill are achievable when replacing an electric water heater on continuous tariff. Refer to solahart.com.au for further information.

3: For a Solahart Solar Hot Water system, each STC represents 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity displaced over a 10 year period. The number of STC’s which may be created for the installation of an eligible solar water heater varies with the size and model of the solar water heater and the region (or zone) in which the unit is installed. The value of an STC is not fixed and varies depending on market factors.

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